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Stewart House Health Services

During the children's twelve-day stay at Stewart House, children are provided with medical, dental and optometric assessment, treatment and counseling. This is balanced with health and education programs and out of school activities to boost their self-esteem and promote better physical and mental health. These services are provided free of charge to nearly two thousand children a year who attend this unique facility.

Allocation of Schools
School Application Form (Principal use only. For full enrolment information visit the NSW Department of Education intranet)



The medical team at Stewart House includes one registered nurse position funded through Northern Sydney Local Heath District of NSW Department of Health. The nurse's role is to perform hearing screening, asthma check, personal hygiene and dietary education for the visiting children whose parents/carers have given permission. If any problems are found a report will be sent home to the parent/carer.

The Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD) Aboriginal Health Service conducts health screenings with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children at Stewart House. Children who are identified as needing further health screening or treatment are then referred to Bungee Bidgel Aboriginal Health Clinic where they have access to General Practitioners and allied health professionals in a culturally appropriate and safe environment. As most children do not reside in the NSLHD necessary referrals will be made to health care service providers in the child’s Local Health District. Bungee Bidgel Staff support healthy development and positive social and emotional wellbeing of all young people and children.



During their twelve-day stay children also have the opportunity to receive a free dental assessment and a dental health education program. The Dental Team at Stewart House is funded through Northern Sydney Local Heath District of NSW Department of Health. 

If children require emergency or pain relief they are treated at Mona Vale Dental Clinic.



The School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of NSW continue to provide vision assessment for all children visiting Stewart House. Final year students conduct the screenings. Staff optometrists of the University of NSW assist the students by providing guidance and supervision. The optometric assessment provides a thorough and comprehensive visual examination including measurement of the children's acuity, determination of any refractive error, assessment of how well the eyes work and move together, a test of colour and vision and eye health examination. Where the assessment reveals that a child has a visual problem a letter is sent home to parents and carers suggesting an appropriate course of action. The children may be in need of a pair of glasses, it may be guidance for eye exercises to improve the way eyes work together, colour vision treatment or a program for general improvement in eye health.

Teachers Health Fund provide glasses or new lenses for the children as required.



Children receive a hearing check at Stewart House by Nurses employed by the NSW Department of Health.  Identified children who need further testing are taken to Macquarie University for advanced audiology.

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